Online Courses in Chemical Capture for Zoo & Wildlife Professionals

Now is the time to strengthen your success in the field and improve care for each animal.

Dr. Mark's courses are finally online!

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Tools that will empower you.

Presenting the practical tools and techniques to strengthen success and confidence in the field.

Practices to be proud of

Emphasizing care, compassion, and respect for every animal. These courses are profound personal and professional experiences.

GWR Courses Now Are Online!

Dr. Mark's detailed and field-based live courses are now online! The most current and practical training in North America.

A Short Course on How to Do TPRs

Learn how to monitor anesthesia with a downloadable drugging field form design. This is Dr. Mark's new online course with all the caring and professional details of his live courses. TPRs will empower you. 

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More training, ebooks, and videos coming soon!

A full certification course is coming soon! Also eBooks and training videos. Gather your protocols, tools, and techniques here.

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